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Launched in October 2017, Human Condition magazine aims to connect the growing Seattle art community through various events, a bi-annual print publication, and online outlets. As an independent magazine, we pride ourselves on the impact we make and love we spread through connecting artists and creating a foundation for future growth. We believe that each of us are unique in our stories, but tied by the elements of the human condition.

Our bi-annual print publication showcases long form interviews, short stories, poems, photography spreads, featured artwork, and beautiful design. The themes for each magazine are intertwined throughout in both copy and design. As the Lead Editor, I oversee all editorial content from conducting and transcribing interviews to final proofreads and edits. Issues are on sale online and in select stores throughout Seattle.

Photos of Issues 1, 2, and 3 by Pari Gabriel



At the core, we are close friends who love creating. Our small team is a talented mix of designers, photographers, writers, editors, videographers, event planners, and marketers. The most humbling and loving part about this work is creating alongside the greatest people I know.

Pictured (left to right): Negin Shahbazi, Grace Novacek, Wole Akinlosotu, Raphael Gaultier, Pari Gabriel, Jen Louie, Aidan Galassetti.

Human Condition Team

Human Condition Team


Our focus

Community Building: We aim to facilitate community building through accessible touch-points for young people, such as events, social media, a physical magazine, and website. We believe in the power of building relationships with one another to further cultivate a relationship with the Human Condition brand and evoke a sense of value and belonging.

Empowerment: Our organic growth thus far is directly due to the growth of the artists we helped empower. When we encourage others by giving them the resources, connections, and platforms, they feel confident about being themselves and showing their work.

Accessibility to Art: A huge pillar of our values is rooted in increasing visibility to art by making art more accessible. In our central focus of Seattle, there is an evident gap in society due to growth in the tech sector and changes in the socioeconomic environment that has lead to reduced funding and opportunities for showcasing and accessing art. We aim to change the way people view and access art by creating relatable and easily accessible events, workshops, interactive art activities, a physical magazine and engaging social platforms.

Representation: Each issue and event is curated with the importance of representation in mind. With diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of our thought process, we always ask ourselves what identities are being represented, who’s voices are being heard, and how can we better serve and represent the communities before us. Our focus on representing the marginalized communities in the Seattle area has allowed us to build relationships with people and organizations that utilize art as the vehicle for combatting and addressing issues in the political and socioeconomic environment.

photos by Aidan Galassetti (below)



We put on several events each month including new issue launch parties, live shows with artists, photo and art galleries, and talks with local artists. Audiences range from an intimate 50 person discussion (as pictured below in row one featuring our Community Center) to larger public events with 800 people (as pictured below in row two featuring our second issue launch party). Stay up to date on all upcoming events by following our Instagram.

Photos - Row 1 by Aidan Galassetti: Community Center with guest speaker/artist Cristina Martinez, co-hosted with Nick Beeba of Possi Cultural Studio. Community Center is a monthly series that features one guest artist who gives a talk and leads an art activity for an intimate group of young creatives. Our goal is to provide a free and accessible space for people to come together, learn, and create.

Photos - Row 2 by Jen Louie: Issue 02 launch party took place in May 2018 and brought out roughly 800 people. This issue was theme focused on the DIY roots of Seattle. In line with this theme, we hosted our launch party across three houses - putting on two simultaneous house shows with three live bands playing in each and opening up the third house for guests to buy magazines and draw freely.