Embracing Uncertainty

We are driven to choose what's comfortable. We tend to default to a lifestyle filled with security and complacency. Uncertainty is avoided and deemed undesirable. So, actively choosing discomfort and uncertainty goes against all internal fibers. It evokes an over-thinker like myself to panic and shed tears and think worst-case-scenarios. 

Yet, I consistently put myself in uncertain situations and embark on adventures that stray far from what is comfortable and secure. At the unfortunate expense of my parents (and often my own) sanity, I live by the belief that if you're're probably doing something right. Because regardless of how overwhelmed with fear and anxiety I feel, I know the reasons behind my decision are strong and equally as authentic. The most uncertain situations in my life have provided the largest potential for individual growth. This doesn't mean that the entire experience was incredibly wonderful every day. It doesn't even mean that I was happy for the most part. To me, the value of uncertainty and discomfort has come with a greater form of acceptance, understanding, and eventually appreciation for the initially-unsettling thoughts and experiences.  With uncertainty comes unforeseen challenges that test the boundaries of your beliefs, perspective, thoughts, and feelings. It pushes you to be adaptable and humble, yet hold on to your truths and adopt new ones. And that is something I value immensely. 

I admire those who embrace uncertainty with open arms and always keep it real. I strive to grasp the unknown and boast about the ambiguity of life. Because with uncertainty comes opportunities and possibilities. Yeah, I know that sounds like it came out of a teenage girl calligraphy written floral poster, but I strongly believe in the power of going against the flow and challenging yourself by embracing uncertainty. Because perhaps being able to push the boundaries of what is considered desirable in this world expands our ability to succeed and thrive as authentic individuals.  

Jennifer Louie