Bukas na pusa

january 2019

When considering the purpose of her project she describes her desire to ‘depict how vulnerability can translate into strength’ to combat how often it is perceived as a weakness. ‘Bukas Na Puso’ wraps vulnerability and the fluidity of identity in the warmth of the Philippines. Through soft orange, reds, yellows, and lush greens, the climate and culture of the Philippines is reflected in each photo. Bianca intentionally asked individuals from her fellow Filipinx community … READ MORE


May 2018

The fearless four behind HONEY Seattle were motivated by their personal experiences to create a space that redefines inclusion. HONEY Seattle celebrates queer womxn, specifically queer womxn of color, by providing a safe and inclusive space that is for womxn’s enjoyment and freedom of expression. Anyone who... READ MORE


Demetruest Redirected EP Release with Human Condition

January 2018

Amongst dimly lit candles, fresh homemade pizza, and a variety of succulents, musicians readied themselves for an intimate performance as conversations amidst music lovers lulled to soft silence. On Saturday, December 9th, Human Condition Magazine collaborated with singer-songwriter Demetruest for a celebration of his Redirected EP release. The venue, a cozy Fremont living room, was filled with people ready for an evening of... READ MORE


beyond bangkok: applying lessons from bangkok to seattle

June 2017

I had the privilege of spending five months studying, living, and discovering Thailand while on exchange at Chulalongkorn University, located in the center of Bangkok. I attended classes at the university and enjoyed long weekends traveling and exploring areas of Thailand outside Bangkok or other countries in South East Asia. I lived in an apartment complex with roughly 90 exchange students from around the world...READ MORE


aladdin: critical cultural film analysis

May 2017

Media is a powerful constructor of popular culture ideologies and influencer of societal values and cultural perceptions. Disney Studios has reigned at the forefront of the entertainment and multi-media industry for years, most notably during its release of classic animated films. A critical analysis of Disney’s 1992 film, Aladdin, which ...READ MORE


from quang tri to manhattan: discovering social impact from countryside to city

July 2016

By the time the egg coffee was in my hand and the sun crept above Hoàn Kiếm lake, sweat began to drip down my back, motorcycles slowly filled the streets, and elderly Vietnamese women finished up their morning aerobic exercise in the park. Last summer, I spent nearly six weeks studying Vietnamese war and history and volunteering with PeaceTrees in the Quang Tri Province of central Vietnam...READ MORE